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Project Details
  • Water Tower Square W

Project Description

The Falls @ Water Tower Square
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Project Cost – $1,200,000.00
Project Duration – 14 Months
Facility Size – 28,750 sq. ft.

This project was unique and challenging. It was the fourth floor of an old existing warehouse. We divided this expanse into two floors of modern office spaces with panoramic views of the majestic mountains and the sparkling city lights of Williamsport and its surrounding areas. These novel offices encircle a large water fall as the main attraction as you leave the elevator that was built through three existing floors of offices. Also included in this project were several meeting spaces, conference rooms and an additional service elevator. A big challenge we faced was keeping our sites’ noise and dust levels to a minimum throughout the construction process so as to keep the existing clients on the lower floors satisfied. This was truly an impressive accomplishment that we were honored to be a part of.

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