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Safety is a skill and as much a part of your work as your trade.

Learn it……Teach it……Practice it !!!!


Safety is more than just a word at J & M Construction Specialty, Inc.  We want our employees and clients to know that we value their lives.  Therefore, we have developed a safety program with the objective of conducting activities in a manner that provides a safe working environment in which all employees may carry on their daily operations so as to prevent injury and loss to themselves and members of the public.

Safety activities concern all members of J & M Construction Specialty, Inc.  Each is individually responsible to promote the safety of all.

While the responsibility for safety originates with J & M Construction Specialty, Inc., it is also the contractual responsibility of each subcontractor on each jobsite to maintain the same level of high standards that have been set up and regulated by J & M Construction Specialty, Inc.


The following are some of our most basic standards:


  • First Aid stations at each project location
  • Each employee participates in OSHA training courses
  • Weekly tool box meetings
  • New and updated personal protective equipment is used as required
  • Each new hire is required to read and sign our safety manual
  • On-site inspections during working hours are done periodically and unannounced


 Learn it……Teach it…..Practice it!!!!!